OnePlus8 display malfunction, green-looking screen

OnePlus8 display malfunction, green-looking screen

OnePlus8 Series has recently been launched by tech company OnePlus.

The Pro variant of this series is the most expensive phone of the company so far and only a few days after its launch, there have been some deficiencies in its display. Users are complaining on OnePlus forum and Reddit that the phone’s display looks green and the colors look ugly. OnePlus 8 Pro

new Delhi The latest OnePlus8 series has recently been launched by Chinese smartphone company OnePlus. The series includes two smartphones OnePlus8 and OnePlus8 Pro and soon after launch, the Pro variant of the series is facing complaints from online users. Many OnePlus 8 Pro users have complained that their smartphone’s display is malfunctioning.

OnePlus8 Pro has a 6.78-inch QHD + 120Hz AMOLED display, which can have maximum brightness up to 1,300nits. This is the first smartphone from OnePlus with a 120Hz refresh rate and the company claims that it is the first phone in the world with a 10-bit display, which can show 1 billion colors. However, the device has not passed even 10 days since its launch and complaints related to its display are coming from any users.

Problems with low brightness: Complaints related to this display have been made by many users on OnePlus Forum and Reddit and it has been said that OnePlus8 Pro is seeing problems like green screen and black crush. Reddit user ‘youpie123’ wrote, ‘Green color is seen in the top left of my phone and black color starts to look dark green after reducing the brightness and the rest of the color is also ugly. This problem is corrected by DC dimming. ‘

Green Screen and Funny Color Another user wrote on the OnePlus forum, “When the display is at 120Hz and the brightness level is between 5 and 15 percent, the dark apps look more black and the colors are very strange. Apart from this, the edges of the screen look more dark, so the background does not look the same. This problem does not come after displaying at 60Hz. ‘ Most users have complained of appearing on the green screen and strangely on the color screen.

The new update will fix Many users have said that this problem is fixed by going to the settings and turning on the DC dimming feature. However, with many users, the problem persisted even after DC dimming. It seems that the display of OnePlus8 Pro is causing problems due to a problem related to the software. The company has said after the problems of the users, that work is being done on fixing it. The company may soon fix it by providing software updates.

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